What is #moot?

Think of #moot as a general-purpose ‘crowd scoring’ mechanism for just about anything.

You score something by sending a tweet - you say what you’re scoring, give it a score out of ten (like ‘6/10’ of ‘6 out of 10’) and add the hashtag ‘#moot’.

That’s it! All you need is something to score, the marks themselves, and the ‘#moot’ hashtag.

People can search on the hashmoot.com site - all the scores in the search results are averaged, giving the overall score for the search terms.

So if you tweeted ‘Nachos are awesome: 8/10 #moot’, and someone else tweeted ‘I hate nachos 1/10 #moot’, a search for ‘nachos’ would return a score of 4.5 (the average of 8 and 1) - assuming those were the only two tweets for nachos, of course. But why would anyone give nachos only 1 out of 10 anyway? Nachos really are awesome!

There are more details and examples in the FAQ.